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  • You can check billing details of last 6 months(monthly basis).
  • Please visit for the customers using Genie TV skylife.
  • 조회 가능한 청구서가 없습니다.
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  • Every 10th ~ 20th day, it may be difficult to make calls to the customer center due to a lot of phone calls, so you can check it easily and quickly using the "Viewing ARS and Automatic Response Service."
  • Automatic response service 1588-3002 ▶ Bills related inquiries ‘number 3’ ▶ Current and unpaid bills OR ‘number 7’ for customers using Internet services to check out expected refund.
  • Please notice that only inquiries related to After-Sales/Join plans/Cancel are available during lunch time (12:00 to 13:00).
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